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Living and breathing Leonardo through his life and inventions immersed in nature on the Hills of Vinci.
Being able to see what Leonardo saw with your own eyes.

Discover our itineraries on Leonardo’s life and machines

Bellosguardo is the ideal encounter with Food Culture and Sport just 2 km from the historic centre of Vinci, in the heart of Tuscany
Bellosguardo is History of Art and Culture. Leonardo Da Vinci, the Genius, the one who made this land famous all over the world, is revived on our hills.
In preserving this place we have been inspired by his history, imagination and ingenuity, while respecting the traditions and the food and wine culture, and creating unique experiences for our guests who can play golf, go for walks and enjoy degustation experiences while living the Life of the Genius.
A unique opportunity for adults and children. A truly fascinating and evocative multisensory experience.


Walks on the discovery of his life and history


In an encampment with Leonardo’s machines


Playing golf with the Genius

This is a space designed for Bellosguardo guests wanting to let themselves be fascinated by the most famous Italian character in the world. There is no art, science or invention of which Leonardo was not a master, there is no field he was not an expert in. To discover everything surrounding who Leonardo was and what he accomplished is almost impossible, however, Bellosguardo offers the opportunity to get closer to the inventor, the artist and the man in a completely different manner. Seeing, touching, visiting the machines he designed, looking at them as he imagined them when he designed them, reliving his story and the lesser-known anecdotes of his life, in his land, on his hills, immersed in nature, without any architectural barriers, in the open air.